Keep it simple

The minimalistic design pattern of ingrido trully represents the concept of less is more. The system is simple, but the possibilities are endless.

Intuitive editing

What you see is what you get. Indeed. Focus on you content instead on the tools you use. Edit in real time, in your browser with a user–friendly,
drag & drop interface.

Hosting included

Your website is powered by our stable, reliable and fast hosting infrastructure that is monitored by our team 24/7.

Photo galleries. Now in 3D

You can choose between several customizable galleries. ingrido includes on-the-fly resizing, size optimization as well as download protection.

Extended video player

ingrido accepts a wide range of video file format to playback directly from your site.

Beautiful typefaces

ingrido implements ready-to-use custom fonts. Helvetica. Myriad. Frutiger. Lucida. Univers. Georgia. Garamond and many more.

Custom domains

You can choose to publish your website to a free sub-domain of, register a new domain, or set up a domain you already own.

Earn credits

Every time someone you suggest signs up with us you get 25% commission. So, simply by spreading the word, you earn credits. You can then either cash in your credits, or keep them on your account to get discounts on ingrido.

No forced advertising

We understand that your website is your home on the Internet, and frankly, it would be awfully rude for someone to place ads on your home, so we don't.